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Never Ever Give Up Hope

Never Ever Give Up Hope shares stories of everyday people who refused to give up hope in the middle of insurmountable circumstances; people who have transformed their lives and want to give you their secrets of success.  Their message is one of hope, encouragement, laughter and inspiration.

My guests are ordinary people who have experienced the extraordinary.  People who didn't quit. People who were told they would never amount to anything.  People who were told that they were dying and there were no answers to their health issues.  I have spoken with several people who believed the only answer was to take their own life and yet.......

Here they are!  Survivors!  Conquerors!  Victors!  

Apr 2, 2016

Shirley Ledlie wrote her memoir, Naked in the Wind -Chemo, Hair loss, and Deceit as a result of an unexpected battle she had to fight.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 47 and won the battle against the disease. BUT, after her treatment ended Shirley found herself in another seven-year battle with doctors and a drug company.

Shirley Ledlie had an unstoppable determination to win her conflict as she uncovered the truth about a little-known side-effect of a cancer treatment drug, Taxotere.


Shirley's memoir is about lies, betrayal and how she became part of a dirty little secret.  It has affected hundreds of women all over the world and is still going on today. 

Whistleblowers, irrational behavior and some madness -- it is all in her memoir.  It is humorous and inspiring in part and also desperate in others.

Shirley's Motto:  If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

Karen Robinson
over eight years ago

Shirley bravo for telling our story. I joined this group 3 years ago when I found myself the only one, according to my oncologists, who did not get their hair back after the chemo drug Taxotere. I was so thankful to find this group and to realize that I was not alone. These women have given me so much support and love and have helped me to cope with the expectation of never having hair again for the rest of my life. Thank you ladies. Karen from Canada.